Calabash Band/Musicians

Release Dates
1992,1997, 2002, 2011
AAA (Grown-up Rock)
Touring–Calabash Band:
Bob Gatewood- vocals, guitar, mandolin
Erik Diaz- drums
Jeff Beam-vocals, bass
Cy Sulak-vocals, guitar

Tom Bukovac- producer, guitars, keys, percussion, songwriting
Joe Vitale- drums, percussion, vocals, songwriter
David Santos- bass
Dan Dugmore- pedal steel
Mark T. Jordan- piano/keys
Sarah Buxton- vocals, songwriting
Troy Johnson- vocals
Joe Vitale, Jr.- percussion
Shawn Fichter- drums
Derek Wells- guitar

Rick DeLima
Paul David Hager
Joe Baldridge
Tom Bethel
Richard Dodd
Put-in-Bay, Ohio
Record Label
Kevin Young email- kevinyoung @

Joe Baldridge - Joe is an in demand engineer in Nasheville for all kinds of projects from mixing to mastering. He has worked with several producers and artists such as Jewel who won a Grammy with Joe's help.
Jeff Beam -

Tom Bethel -

Tom Bukovac - Tom was in the Calabash band with me many years ago and he was all too obviously a talent that exceeded any of us in the band or in Cleveland and he soon cam,e up with the idea to move to Nashville and I told him if he ever needed to come back the door was open, but he never did. He moved down there and worked his way up through the touring world  in an or something like this: Unknown artists ->Tanya Tucker->Winonna Judd->John Fogerty-> and by then he only wanted to record. He worked his way up the ranks similarly until we h=was doing what are called "Master Sessions", which are world-wide releases of major artists. So, for several years he has been the recruited to record on albums from everyone from Kenny Rogers to Willie Nelson to Keith Urban to Sugarland. He has won Cashbox Awards consistently through the last decade and won the Academy of Country Music's Best Guitarist Award for the last two years. He has become on of the most demanded session guitarist in the world. And, he still makes time to make records with me. How cool is that?!?

Sarah Buxton - is a very talented singer/artist/writer in the Nashville Scene, who graciously lent her talents to Gatewood's last album on a few songs. She sang harmonies on a few songs as well as co-writing "I need you now", for Gatewood's latest effort. She has charted with her own songs and co-written some million sellers with other artists as well, like Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy", and "Put you in a Song".

Rick Delima - Is a seriously booked recording engineer in Nashville's gospel and country scene as well as doing rock artists. He recorded the Fianlly Home album, did some excellent vocal coaching on the last two Gatewood cd's as well as co-wrote the title track of the last Gatewood album Be Good to Yourself.

Richard Dodd - The mastering engineer for the latest Gatewood album is a 5-time Grammy winner with hundreds of top ten songs to his credit. Richard has worked with too many clients to list, but a few are George Harrison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Joe Cocker. Honestly, there are just too many to list.

Dan Dugmore - Dan Played pedal steel on the Finally Home album for songs like Blades on the Water and What Am I Gonna Do and Long Gone. He is another artist with too many credits to list here, but he made a huge reputation starting with Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and continued with Reba, Leanne Rimes, Toby Keith, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Kenny Chesney, and on and on and on.....

Shawn Fichter - Did a few drum parts after the main bit of recording was done on the Finally Home album and redid Gotta Go and made it the big Gatewood hit it is today. Shawn has a long list of credits in Nashville with artists such as Trace Adkins, Brookes and Dunn.
Paul David Hager - Paul did the amazing job of mixing the Finally Home album, for which we are all still very grateful. Although he has worked with lots of country artists, he is also well known for his work with Disney and the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana and American Hi-Fi. A mixing Wizard in every sense.

David Santos - David has been a great spirit and also the solid bassist of the last two Gatewood albums. He has been a bandmember with the likes of Billy Joel, Elton John, Crosby Stills and Nash, Phoebe Snow, John Fogerty, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett and numerous others.

Cy Sulak - A legendary Cleveland guitarist who has played with all the greats!

Joe Vitale - Joe played drums on the last two Gatewood albums, co-wrote "With You All the Way", on the latest one, and we can't even start to list the dozens and dozens of gold and platinum records he has written, produced, and been an artist on. But a couple of our favorites are "Rocky Mountain Way" with Joe Walsh and, "Pretty Maids all in a Row" with the Eagles. He has been Crosby, Stills, Nash's drummer since a few years after Woodstock. He has played on so many records we recommend just looking him up. One of our all-time favorites is "Rock'n'Roll Hootchie Koo". Artist such as Peter Frampton, Ted Nugent, Neil Young, The Eagles, Bill Wyman, are just a few in a long list of names with whom has recorded the songs that we all love and grew up on.

Joe Vitale, Jr. -

Derek Wells -